Zipping up the suitcase

I’m a notoriously early packer. It usually stems from a combination of excitement, and terror that I’ll forget something important (besides, two or three extra outfit options couldn’t hurt, right?).

One week out from the start of the ICON conference, and I’m 60% ready to go!

Workshop materials? Check
Business cards? Check
Notebook and pen? Check
Outfits? Check, check, check, check, check, check, check!

I’m excited to spend 4 days in one of my favourite cities, meeting illustrators from around the world, and soaking up info and inspo! I’ll do my best to post a few updates on my instagram story, and you can follow the fun by searching #icon10 on Twitter and IG to see what everyone is up to.

This will be my first time attending an ICON conference, so drop me a line if you’re planning to attend, or have any insights from previous years!

Now hopefully I won’t forget my toothbrush.


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