A Cast of Characters • Huevember 2016

Quick recap: My last post came out at the beginning of the Inktober challenge. I had hoped to share a few of my pieces as the month progressed, but time got away from me. I DID manage to complete the challenge and all 31 ink drawings are available to see on my instagram.

As fun as inktober was, it was a lot of work, and I was looking forward to returning to a normal pace… until I started to see the Huevember hashtag on my twitter feed. I hadn’t heard of this challenge before (from what I can tell it’s new and there aren’t that many participants yet) but the idea of working with colour tickled my fancy after a month of (mostly) black and white. At the beginning of the challenge you are provided with a colour wheel of 30 swatches which serve as the hue of the day. I had to participate.

I knew November was going to be a busy month for me both personally and professionally, so I designed my personal Huevember challenge to be fun, quick to complete each day, and challenging. Each day I was to design a cat face in Adobe Illustrator. With 10+ years experience working in the program, I’m pretty speedy with the basics, and the palette provided removed the problem of deciding on the colour. The real challenge came in making each character unique and expressive. Some days were more difficult than others, but it was so exciting to see the collection coming together day by day.


I think they look great collected together – a rainbow of cats!
It was a touch decision, but I think these 6 may be my favourites.

My 6 favourite huevember cats

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