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Working from my home studio is fantastic for focus, but really limits my interaction with others, so when opportunities come along to get out to have some fun I’m first in line. This week provided not just one, but 3 events, and they all happened to be united by a common theme: comics.

Seth’s Dominion Film Screening
Last Friday the Art Gallery of Hamilton hosted a screening of the NFB Documentary Seth’s Dominion as part of their ilovefilm series. The back room at the Design Annex was packed and everyone seemed to enjoy the glimpse into the life and career of the prolific local cartoonist. After the film, Seth sat down for a Q+A and was kind enough to sign books and chat with attendees. If you’re a fan of Seth’s work, or are interested in cartooning, you can check out the film on the NFB website or on iTunes.

Seth during a Q+A, and books signed by Seth

Thank you Seth!








Graphic Novel Book Club
Last year I was fortunate to discover that an independent book shop in Hamilton was starting up a graphic novel book club. My personal collection of graphic novels could rival some libraries so I knew this was the club for me! This month we were discussing “Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City” by Guy Delisle. This was my first introduction to his work. Jerusalem recounts his observances and day-to-day experiences while living in the holy city for one year. The book reads as a journal rather than a well-planned travelogue. I appreciated this approach as it felt more authentic than it might if he attempted to design a tidy narrative with a clear story-arc. Some members of the club found the book a bit dry, and were put off by unresolved thoughts and lack of detail surrounding certain events.
Guy has had the opportunity to travel extensively through work and his wife’s career as an administrator with Médecins Sans Frontières, and has published quite a few collections. I picked up a copy of his 2007 book, Burma Chronicles, to continue my travels with him.
I’m very thankful to Epic Books for hosting this event each month, and to Lisa and Joe who run our meetings. Support your local book seller!

Book Launch
Wednesday was a night for celebration as Joe Ollmann (co-host of the graphic novel book club) launched his newest graphic novel “The Abominable Mr. Seabrook” (Published by Drawn and Quarterly). It was a full house at the local Staircase Theatre Cafe as Joe treated us to a talk about the once-popular author including lots of quirky anecdotes (we can thank William Seabrook for the popularization of the term Zombie). I can’t wait to dive into this one and learn more about this quirky and tragic character. The book has already received glowing reviews from many sources, so check it out!

Part of a long-line of eager-readers

Part of a long-line of eager-readers


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