The KANTO show

Back in January I answered a call for artists for a Pokémon themed art show happening in the nearby city of Kitchener.
Pokémon was incredibly popular when I was growing up. I remember the first time I played Pokémon Red, and still find myself humming the bicycling tune from time to time. Nearly 20 years later, and I still enjoy playing Pokémon on my Nintendo 3DS when I get some time to unwind.

I really enjoyed illustrating the 3 Pokémon in the Bellsprout evolution set. Victreebel looks like he’s hiding from the sun under his large top-leaf, so I decided to create a beach theme, and chose an 80s inspired palette for its hot-hues.




I made the trek out to Kitchener to see everyone’s work on opening night. My pieces are hanging alongside 149 other Pokémon illustrated by a large group of artists. It’s an honour to have my work displayed alongside such amazing talent.

The pieces are all displayed on the gallery wall at Adventurers Guild Board Game Cafe & Tavern in Kitchener, Ontario until early April.
A digital PDF book containing all of the art is available for purchase here.

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